KS Tools Compression and tensioning sleeve set, 36 pcs.

Part no.: 7887001700


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Technical data:
Max. Nm:
Spindle M10 x 1.5 60 Nm
Spindle M12 x 1.5 100 Nm
Spindle M14 x 1.5 180 Nm
Spindle M16 x 1.5 250 Nm
36 pcs., in plastic case
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Length (mm):
Included in delivery:
In plastic case:
20 compression and tensioning sleeves, inner Ø 34 - 72 mm, outer Ø 44 - 82 mm 4 pulling spindles M 10, 12, 14 and 16 4 step plates 8 nuts with bearing M 10, 12, 14 and 16
14,80 kg
EAN codes:
Tools (p. 669)
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ToolsPullersCompression and tensioning sleeve set
• For assembling and disassembling bearings
• Ideal for silent bearings, hydraulic bearings, bushes, ball bearings, oil seals, etc.
• Suitable for universal use for cars, lorries, municipal, agricultural and forestry technology, etc.
• Also ideal for use in conjunction with workshop presses or hollow piston cylinders
• Depending on the application, the sleeves can be reworked individually
• Thrust bearing protects against increased friction during the work process
• 34 - 72 inner and 44 - 82 outer Ø (mm)
• In sturdy plastic case
The spindles must be lubricated before being used for the first time. Overloading leads to unwanted material elongation or breakage. Always check the force applied to the drive with a torque wrench.
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