Kohler Gasket

Crankcase ventilation system

Part no.: 8022404167-S

Further information

CH18, CH20, CH22, CH23, CH25, CH620, CH640, CH641, CH670, CH680, CH682, CH730, CH732, CH740, CH742, CH750, CH752, CV23, CV620, CV640, CV680, CV682, CV724, CV730, CV732, CV740, CV742, CV752, ECH630, ECH650, ECH680, ECH730, ECH740, ECH749, ECV630, ECV650, ECV680, ECV730, ECV740, ECV749, ELH775, FCV740, LH640, LH685, LH690, LH755, LH775, PCH680, PCH740, PCV680, PCV740
Reference no.:
John Deere: MIU12491
10 g
Technical parts (p. 548)
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Technical parts4-stroke engine partsGasketsGaskets for crankcase ventilation systemKohler
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