GRANIT Connection M 26 90° 1000mm hose

Part no.: 85003016

Further information

Connection thread:
Hose length (mm):
Brass / copper / PVC
390 g
Engine parts (p. 144)
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Engine partsUniversal engine partsOil service valves and accessoriesConnectors M26
Oil service valves are designed for unpressurised oil draining.
Simple, safe handling and an optimum flow rate were the most important features when developing these oil service valves.
Other features include:
- High temperature resistance (-30 - +200°C)
- Low flow resistance
- 100% tested for leaks
Oil service valves are TÜV tested and DLG approved
The illustration shows an oil service valve installed in a container or oil sump filled with a medium containing oil. After removing the protective cap supplied, a suitable connector is screwed onto the valve. As the connector is screwed on, the valve plate opens and the liquid flows unhindered into a waiting container. When the liquid has drained off completely, the connector is unscrewed again. The valve plate is lowered and the valve is tightly closed once again. The protective cap is now screwed on, fresh medium is poured in, and everything is ready.
- No risk of burns from hot oil
- No contamination of the machine or the environment
- No destruction of the oil sump thread
- No gasket change, oil change in any location
- Less time required
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