GRANIT Control unit

Can be switched between sa and da, with float position with detent and limit stop adjustable from 150 - 210 bar

Part no.: 85219130

Further information

Technical data:
Max. operating pressure: 220 bar
Nominal flow rate: max. 70 l/min
Tightening torque: 30 Nm
Connections: M18 x 1.5
Dimensions: 210 x 95 x 40 mm
Screw connection: 3x M10
Hole pattern identical to the Parker/Kontak system
This control unit is a 5/4-way valve that is manually operated to control single- and double-acting cylinders and hydraulic motors. This control valve has been specially developed for Fiatagri tractors with Kontak hydraulics. Thanks to the high output, up to four control valves can be flanged directly. As the hole pattern is identical to Kontak, this valve can also be fitted with original Kontak control valves. The aforementioned control valve is a four-position device. It can be switched from double- to single-acting and vice versa. It is a gate-sealed control valve with neutral fine control, meaning that very low fit leakage is permitted, even at the highest pressure. The device has a latched safety limit stop in the lift position. When switching via the lower position, the latched float position is reached. This can be returned to the neutral position by hand at any time.
3,41 kg
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Tractor hydraulicsGRANIT control unitsNew Holland
Types: TL 65, 70, 80, 90, 100
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