Faster Coupling plug 3PH406-4-38G MC

Part no.: 86003239

Further information

Nominal width:
DN 10
Connection thread:
3/8" BSP
Nominal flow (l/min):
PN (bar):
Hydraulic coupling:
4 pcs.
Electric coupling:
0 pcs.
Hydraulics & pneumatics (p. 522)
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Hydraulics & pneumaticsQuick-release couplingsFASTER quick-release couplingsFASTER MultiFaster quick-release couplingsPH406 series/4-wayCoupling plug
MultiFaster couplings are the market reference for connecting multiple lines. They enable connection with minimum effort, even if there is residual pressure in the system. Each of the different products also involves a different combination of components, such as the number of connection lines, different coupling sizes, different levers and electrical couplings.
Multifaster 4 lines, size 06. Designed for high-pressure applications. Housing painted red, handle and cam made of stainless steel.
Nominal width/size: DN 10 (4x)
Nominal flow rate: 35 l/min
PN (bar): 460
Material: aluminium, steel, seals made of NBR/PUR
Suitable for mineral oil-based hydraulic oils according to DIN 51524
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