PerfectView RVS 555

The PerfectView range includes a broad selection of complete reversing systems with perfectly coordinated components. Each system consists of a flat, elegant 5 or 7 inch LCD monitor and a high-quality, reliable PerfectView camera. Connection cable and mounting accessories included. Additional cameras can be added immediately or later.


Reverse with confidence

Dometic PerfectView RVS 555 is a high-quality reversing camera system for comfortable and safe reversing. Its reliability during daily use - shocks, impacts, moisture or temperature fluctuations - has been proven in the toughest tests. The bright, high-contrast 5" LCD display is easy to read in all lighting conditions. Up to three cameras can be connected. The compact, robust Dometic PerfectView CAM 55 camera is included in the set. A second camera (e.g. a side camera) can be easily connected and automatically activated via the indicator.

• Flat, elegant 5" LCD monitor
• Robust camera - heat-resistant and waterproof
• Up to three cameras can be connected
• Automatic activation of an additional side camera via the indicator display
• Settings for the three cameras can be saved separately
• Automatic detection of a trailer camera
• Excellent image quality in all lighting conditions

• 3 camera inputs
• Automatic brightness adjustment via LDR
• Image brightness 350,00 cd/m²
• Video standard PAL/NTSC Auto
• Vibration resistance 6.00 g
• Min. operating temperature -20.00°C
• Max. operating temperature 70.00°C
• With mirror image function

Dometic Reversing video system RVS 555

Dometic Reversing video system RVS 555

Flat 5" LCD monitor (M 55L) including 1x colour camera (CAM 55)

Part no.:5069600014009
Included in delivery:
LCD monitor, camera, connection cables, installation parts, operating instructions
Input voltage (V):
12 / 24
Protection class:
12 -30 Volt, mit digitalem 5" LCD-Monitor and kompakter Farbkamera
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Dometic Monitor M55L
Included in delivery:
5" colour LCD monitor including Easylink monitor mount, monitor cable set, mounting accessories for all components
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Technical data:
- Brightness adjustment: automatic via LDR
- Image brightness: 350.00 cd/m²
- Resolution: 384000 px
- Video norm: PAL/NTSC Auto
- Vibration resistance: 6.00 g
- Mirror image function: yes
Dimensions W x H x D (mm):
148 x 87 x 26
Depth (mm):
Protection class:
Dometic PerfectVidew M 55L
Digital 5" LCD monitor
Additional information:
- digital LCD technology with super-bright, energy-saving LED backlight and excellent image quality in all lighting conditions, day and night
- flat
- compact
- image settings can be saved separately for each camera
- automatic detection of a trailer camera
- elegant monitor base with hidden cable routing
- mirror image function can be set
- a camera input is used for signal detection, allowing a side camera to be activated via the turn signal display
Operating temperature (°C):
-20°C - 70°C
Input voltage DC (V):
Camera inputs:
De minimis
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Dometic Colour camera

Dometic Colour camera

Perfect View CAM55


Part no.:5060010038
Included in delivery:
20 m system cable for connection to monitor, mounting accessories for all components
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Technical data:
- Light sensitivity: < 1 / 0 with LED lux
- brightness adjustment: electronic
- diagonal angle of view: 120.00 °
- horizontal angle of view: 90.00 °
- resolution: 307000 px
- vertical angle of view 70.00 °
- video norm: PAL
- vibration resistance: 10.00 g
- mirror image function: can be set
Dimensions W x H x D (mm):
80 x 50 x 62
Depth (mm):
Protection class:
Dometic PerfectView CAM 55
Rugged color camera, silver, 120° diagonal
Additional information:
- robust and tight, dust- and waterproof aluminum housing with integrated temperature-controlled heater
- glare-free night vision
- certification for professional use
- specially designed for use in trucks and agricultural vehicles
- separately placed LEDs for anti-glare protection during day and night
the microphone integrated in the camera detects the smallest noises
Operating temperature (°C):
-30°C - 70°C
Input voltage DC (V):
Mounting type:
- can be mounted with little effort and does not require an additional switch box, only vehicle-specific adapter required
- a matching connection adapter is used to connect the CAM 55 to the original multimedia display in the truck cab or the ISO bus terminal of agricultural vehicles
- compatible with any electrical on-board system
- optimized mounting base for secure locking in dusty or humid environments
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