SWISSINNO pigeon spikes

Pigeon spikes prevent the birds from landing

The SWISSINNO pigeon spikes are very easy to install and immediately ready for use to deter annoying birds and pigeons.

1. The strips can be shortened by snapping parts off to ensure that the surface is well protected.
2. A 1 cm layer of adhesive is applied to the entire underside of the base plate. The entire length of the base plate must be covered with adhesive.
3. The base plate is pressed firmly onto the clean surface until the adhesive oozes out evenly along the edges and through the small holes. The adhesive that emerges from these holes solidifies to form rivets that help hold the spikes securely in place.

• Made of sturdy, UV- and weather-resistant polycarbonate
• Ready for use
• Transparent
• Long service life
• Versatile

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