PlantaGard® Cactus browsing protection sleeves

Browsing protection sleeves are fitted directly below the terminal bud on the woody shoot, and the following autumn are simply placed one level higher. Thanks to the adjustable closure, they can be adapted to different shoot diameters and are particularly easy to fit and remove.

Fit loosely so that they do not fall off due to an increase in thickness.
Fit beneath the terminal bud so that new growth can take place unhindered. With UV protection - reusable for up to 10 years.

Can also be used as fraying protection, particularly for endangered tree species such as Douglas firs, larches and sycamores. For this purpose, two to three sleeves are fitted at knee height. When fraying occurs the sleeves vibrate and scare away the buck.

*Orange colour: particularly visible. *Blue colour: the colour blue is perceived by game as a bright signal colour and has the effect of a deterrent.

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