Type F1G and Type F2G

GLORIA recommendation
• Due to the compact design
and ease of use the device is suitable wherever fast and
trouble-free use is required, such as cars, workshop,

GLORIA performance
• High extinguishing performance and extended spraying time
• Chemical jet can be shut off at any time
• Minimum external dimensions thanks to special valve and container construction
• Can be tested and refilled after use
• Rounded edges as specified by the automotive industry

GLORIA safety
• Valve housing made of high-strength special plastic
• Pressure vessel F 2 made of quality pressed steel,
F 1 made of aluminium
• Exterior with weather-resistant and durable
100% polyester resin coating without polluting
substances such as cadmium, TGIC
• Brass valve body
• Unit F 2 G and F 1 G with car holder and patented
safety strap as standard

GLORIA comfort
• Sturdy carrying handle with marked controls.
1 = locking tab
2 = extinguishing button
• Large handle allows safe handling
• One-handed operation (arming and triggering possible with one hand)
• Informative printing

• Fire rating: A, B, C
• Design: PG 1 L or PG 2 L

Permanent pressure fire extinguisher

Permanent pressure fire extinguisher

Type F1G, including car mounting bracket

Part no.:50016380000
1 kg
not available in Switzerland!
Gloria Permanent pressure fire extinguisher
Powder fire extinguishers
Additional information:
• Incl. car holder
• Fire class: A/B/C
Capacity (kg):
not available in Switzerland!
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