Argon / CO2 - accessories

Pressure gauge
Working pressure (bar):
Flow rate (l/min):
Pressure gauge
Technical data:
Technical data according to data sheet: 111.10/111.12 = PM 01.01 / 111.11 = PM 01.03 / 111.16 = PM 01.10
Nominal size: 063 mm
Unit main scale: bar
Measuring range: gauge pressure measuring range
Indicating range: 0 - 315 bar
Process connection: G 1/4"
Connection position: bottom
Housing: steel, black with pressure relief opening
Inspection window: Polycarbonate
Restrictor: brass, D 0.3
Accuracy class: class 2.5
Dial inscriptions MA
Gauge standard: International (Europe)
Stop pin on dial: at zero point
Standard markings on dial: *ISO 5171*
Accuracy class dial: *Cl.2.5
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