Automatic welding helmet optrel® e680

With automatic filter DIN 5-9-13 with true colour filter

Fully automatic with true colour reproduction, automatically darkening anti-glare cassette Protection level (shade level) SL 5-13.
The optrel e684 is the perfect welding helmet for joining aluminium, chrome-nickel alloys, special metals and steel.
The optrel e684 is suitable for all types of arc welding and cutting operations thanks to the continuously variable shade level from SL 5 to SL 13.
The optrel e684 is the perfect partner, especially in the following application areas: Vehicle and rail vehicle construction, chemical, container, machine and plant construction, pipeline construction and shipbuilding.
Technical data:
• Protection levels: 4 / 5-13
• Autopilot: automatic over the range SL 5-13 with individual calibration option for +/- 2 protection levels
• Manual mode: continuous external control over two ranges SL 5-9 / 9-13
• Sensitivity: continuously adjustable, new with Super High sensitivity range
• Grinding mode: External adjustment SL 4
• Twilight function: adjustable from 0.1 to 2.0 seconds
• Cassette size: 90x110x7 mm (field of view: 50x100 mm)
• Voltage supply: solar cells, 2x Li battery 3V (CR2032)
• Battery life: approx. 3000 operating hours
• Sensors: 3 sensors, adjustable arc detection angle using sensor slide
• Eye/UV/infrared protection: at all shade levels
• Switching time: Light - dark 0.11 ms (at 55°C) to 0.17 ms (at RT), dark - light slow 0.1-2.0 sec.
• EN 379 classification: optical class 1, scattered light 1, homogeneity 1, viewing angle 1
• EN 166 classification: Front panel B, inner protective screen F
• EN 175 classification: Helmet shell B
• Dimensional stability: Welding mask up to 220°C, front panel up to 137°C
• Cassette protection: spherical front panel with patented seal suitable for overhead welding
• Operating temperature: -10 to +70°C
• Weight: 500 g
• Application: All electric welding processes such as GTAW/TIG, MIG/MAG, electrode welding, micro plasma welding and plasma welding. Suitable for overhead welding, NOT suitable for laser and gas welding.
• Contents: Helmet, front panel, storage bag, operating instructions
• Standards: CE, ANSI Z87.1, AS/NZS, EAC, complies with CSA Z 94.3
• Warranty: 2 years (except battery), additional 1 year if you register online within the first 6 months

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