Ultrasonic cleaning equipment and accessories

● ultrasonic tank made of V2A stainless steel
● slanted tank floor to facilitate draining of cleaning liquid
● sandwich-type high-performance oscillator systems
● simultaneous 2-sided exposure of items to be cleaned
● ultrasonic frequency can be switched manually between 25 kHz for coarse and preliminary cleaning and 45 kHz for fine cleaning
● integrated sweep mode for continuous shifting of sound pressure maxima, guarantees a more homogeneous sound pressure distribution in the bath
● activatable pulse mode for an intensified ultrasonic cleaning effect for stubborn contamination; the operational readiness of the unit (cavitation threshold reached) after an exchange of the cleaning liquid or after an exchange of baskets is also optimised (results in shortening of the cleaning periods)
● heating adjustable 30°C – 80°C
● temperature-controlled ultrasonic function: ultrasound starts automatically as soon as the preset temperature is reached
● automatic safety switch-off after 12 h operation to prevent unintended permanent operation
● automatic safety switch-off at 90°C bath temperature to protect the cleaning items against excessive temperatures
● indication of set values and actual values on LED display
● housing made of V2A stainless steel
● liquid outlet made of V2A stainless steel, ball valve made of nickel-plated brass
● level monitoring to allow the device to be switched off if the liquid level is too low
• Saves time
• Saves costs
• Extends filter service life
• Ultrasound application from side particularly suitable for filters and complex parts
Filter types:
• Air filter
• Metal filter
• Oil filter
• Hydraulic filter
• Fuel filter
Recommended process steps
• Pre-clean
• Clean in ultrasonic tank with elma tec clean A5
• Rinse
• Dry
• Final check
Additional benefits:
• Reduces replacement parts costs
• No loss of efficiency
• Filter can be cleaned multiple times
• Economical and effective regeneration of filter cartridges thanks to specially designed device
• High flexibility and ability to react thanks to multi-frequency and pulse modes
• Floor not damaged by metal chips thanks to ultrasound application from side

Elma Ultrasonic cleaner Elma Xtra ST 1900 S
Technical data:
• Power supply variant 230-240 V~
• 1 phase, 1N, 1PE
• Ultrasonic frequency (kHz): 25/45
• Power consumption (W): 3350
• Effective ultrasonic power (W): 1000
• Peak ultrasonic power max. (W): 4000
• Heating power (W): 2300
• Temperature control: 30 - 80°C
• Equipment external dimensions W / D / H (mm): 615 / 900 / 940
• Tray internal dimensions W / D / H (mm): 410 / 650 / 720
• Max. filling volume (litres): 187
• Working volume (litres): 134
• Basket internal dimensions W / D / H (mm): 360 / 560 / 240
• Basket mesh size (mm): 12 x 1.5
• Weight (kg): 75
• Tray material: stainless steel V2A
• Housing material: stainless steel V2A
• Liquid drain: 3/4”
• Protection class: IP 23
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Elma Ultrasonic cleaner kit S 30 H
S 30 H kit, volume: 1.9 l Heating power: 200 W
Dimensions (mm):
Inner 240 x 137 x 100
Elma Metal basket
Dimensions (mm):
198 x 106 x 55
Elma Ultrasonic cleaner kit
S 60 H KIT, volume: 4.3 l Heating power: 400 W
Dimensions (mm):
Inner 300 x 151 x 150
Elma Metal basket
Dimensions (mm):
255 x 115 x 80
Elma Ultrasonic cleaner kit
S 100 H KIT, volume: 7.5 l Heating power: 600 W
Dimensions (mm):
Inner 300 x 240 x 150
Elma Metal basket
Dimensions (mm):
255 x 200 x 80
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