BIG Traffic School

BIG Traffic light
Dimensions (mm):
270 x 120 x 710
• For children aged 3 and older
• Total height approx. 71 cm, automatic traffic light switch
• Light function with automatic switch-off
• Batteries not included (3x AA, R6)
Safely through the traffic - with BIG, even the youngest learn all traffic rules easily. The BIG Traffic Lights show enthusiastic BIG Bobby Car drivers, aged 3 and over, when they have the right of way and when they have to stop. The stable traffic light automatically changes its light from red to green every 45 seconds. If you set the switch to manual, you can change the light yourself

and if road users forget to switch off the traffic lights, the power supply is automatically cut off after 30 minutes to save energy.

The traffic light is mounted in no time. Operation is via three commercially available Mignon batteries. To the complete traffic practice area, BIG also offers you a set of various traffic signs. With the BIG pylons in the signal colour red and white, you can build a perfect course.
BIG Cone set, 4 pcs.
Dimensions (mm):
175 x 175 x 260
• For children aged 1 and older
• Stable and unbreakable plastic
• 4 cones packed incl. 4C sleeve
• Stamping for quantity indication (4 pieces)
• Made in Germany
The high-quality traffic cone BIG-Pylon in a set of 4 in white and orange is a useful addition to the BIG-Traffic-School. The four pylons are suitable both for marking out play construction sites and for designing BIG Bobby Car racetracks.

Due to the elastic material, the BIG Pylon survives many collisions without breaking apart.

The pylons from BIG are made of high-quality plastic in Germany.
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