BIG Waterplay

BIG Waterplay Niagara
Dimensions (mm):
1300 x 900 x 200
• For children aged 3 and older
• Easy assembly
• Reservoir with pump
• Set includes 41 pieces
• Includes 3 boats, 1 seaplane and four figures
There is a lot to offer in the BIG Waterplay Set Niagara. With a reservoir with pump and two locks, a sloping waterway, a hand crank as well as three different boats and a seaplane, there are always new adventures for the four play figures to experience.

With BIG Waterplay, children aged 3 and over gain their first experience with water currents, directional control and develop creativity and imagination through play. Perfectly designed seals can be fixed easily and without glue and make the channels completely watertight.

The BIG Waterplay Niagara set has been tested by the LGA in accordance with the strict guidelines for toys. The set can be easily expanded with a comprehensive range of accessories. Each package comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions.

All BIG-Waterplay items are GS-tested.
BIG AquaPlay Mountain Lake
Dimensions (mm):
1260 x 560 x 535
• Suitable for children aged 3-7 years
• Adventure set with large cave with waterfall
• Size 126 x 88 cm
• 70 parts, including 2 boats and 2 figures
• Made in Germany
The AquaPlay MountainLake set will bring a sense of adventure to your garden. The play set includes a high mountain with lake, two boats and two animal figures - Nils the frog and Bo the bear. Together with these two friends, children can cross deep mountain lakes, descend wild waterfalls and search for valuable treasures. Through play, children can learn about water and see how currents are created, how their direction can be changed, and how boats are able to float.

The boats can be pumped to the top of the large mountain lake with lock, then pass through the lock and go down the mountain. Bo the captain cruises the waterways in his boat loaded with fish. Meanwhile, Nils hides under the mountain or goes on a trip in his sailboat. Children can determine the necessary current and the correct direction of travel using the easy-to-turn hand crank with large paddle surfaces. Various trees, bridges and long waterways ensure hours of fun.

The AquaPlay MountainLake play set is suitable for children aged three and over. AquaPlay is made in Germany, and is made of high-quality UV-resistant plastic. The waterway is easy to assemble. Perfectly designed seals are easy to fasten and ensure that the channels are completely watertight. The set can be expanded thanks to a comprehensive range of accessories. Each set comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions.

AquaPlay from BIG - the Bobby Car Factory

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