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We guarantee top quality, which is why both the GRANIT quality management team and external testing institutes put our products through their paces at regular intervals. We pay particular attention to our own GRANIT PARTS brand because our aim is to always offer you the highest quality at a fantastic price.


We are pleased to have achieved excellent results in our brake master cylinder benchmark report. The GRANIT brake master cylinder 71706025 was inspected for overall visual appearance, and the functional dimensions and roughness of the cylinder inner wall were checked. As part of the benchmark report, a pressure test was carried out on the installed piston suspension, as well as a practical function test in order to evaluate functionality.


Read an excerpt from our benchmark report here.

Visual assessment & functional dimensions

The overall first impression is particularly important for components relevant to safety, and allows conclusions to be drawn about whether parts have been produced professionally. During the test, the GRANIT brake master cylinder 71706025 displayed excellent workmanship in terms of the overall impression of the product (including the packaging). The individual components were neatly assembled and the holes in the cylinder (for example the brake line connections, etc.) were made cleanly. No machining residues were visible. The surface treatments (parts are painted or galvanised) were uniform and there was no visible damage.


A fantastic result was also achieved in the functional dimensions test. All functional dimensions of the GRANIT brake master cylinder 71706025 were within the tolerance range. This guarantees perfect functionality and easy assembly.


Determining the roughness values

During braking, the brake piston seals move along the cylinder axis. The two seals are in permanent contact with the cylinder running surface. The rougher the surface of the cylinder, the faster the piston seals will wear. This would have a negative impact on the function of the brake master cylinder, and on the braking effect as a result. In this test, the GRANIT product demonstrated a comparatively low roughness value of between 14.5971 μm and 15.1947 μm. This indicates that wear will be low during use.

Pressure test & function test

There is a strong compression spring at the front of the brake master cylinder. This spring causes the piston to return to its initial position after each braking operation. In order to achieve this, a certain spiral spring force is required which must not be lost over time. The test showed that the GRANIT brake master cylinder 71706025 had a constant spring force for the duration of the test.


The functionality of the brake master cylinder was tested during the practical test (bleeding of the brake system). The brake master cylinder could be mounted and the brake hoses installed without any problems thanks to the professional and clean production of the threaded holes. The subsequent bleeding of the brake master cylinder could also be carried out without any problems, which confirms its functionality.


Our conclusion

The benchmark report shows that, in all tests, the brake master cylinder 71706025 was at the level of the original equipment manufacturer, indicating excellent quality. Above all, the excellent roughness values ensure low wear and a long service life. Leaks or even complete failure of the brake master cylinder are unlikely.

Practical for the workshop: GRANIT brake cylinders are supplied with an instruction leaflet listing the brake fluid or mineral oil to be used. The top performance a great price makes GRANIT PARTS products your ideal alternative.


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