A filter that works as hard as your customers? For more than 100 years, this has been the Donaldson promise. The world's leading expert in the field of heavy-duty filtration impresses with both innovative products for almost every engine and hydraulic system, and their recognised OEM quality. The American manufacturer invented the first air filter for a tractor engine, and is still one of the big names in the industry today.


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Dust and dirt pose a major challenge, especially for agricultural and construction machinery. In order for these machines to function correctly and (above all) reliably, high-quality filters are essential. With Donaldson, we can offer a comprehensive range of filters for just about everything that has an engine or a hydraulic system, be it for tractors, harvesters or construction and mining applications.

When expanding the range, we paid particular attention to Donaldson's air filter division - the US manufacturer's speciality. Modern high-performance engines and stricter emission standards also necessitate more powerful air intake systems. The specially formulated filter media in Donaldson air filters ensure that dust and soot are captured more effectively before they can reach the engine. With additional pre-filters, it is also possible to increase the service life of the air filter because larger particles are filtered out in advance. In addition to air filters, the GRANIT range now includes lubricant, fuel and coolant, and hydraulic filtration solutions from Donaldson.


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