New: duck foot shares now part of the GRANIT ENDURANCE CARBIDE range

Tools for stubble cultivation made in Germany


The GRANIT ENDURACE CARBIDE range is growing. In addition to share points, plough parts, chisel shares and forestry mulcher tools, our new duck foot shares can now also be found in the GRANIT webshop. The GRANIT ENDURANCE CARBIDE duck foot shares are made in Germany and boast the highest quality, durability and the best materials - recommend them to your customers now.


Duck foot shares are the first choice for shallow stubble cultivation for many farmers. At high working speeds and under abrasive conditions in compacted topsoil, quality differences have a direct impact. With GRANIT ENDURANCE CARBIDE products, your customers don't have to compromise, and can save money at the same time.


A wear-optimised design and additional reinforcement with hard metal plates in areas exposed to particularly high stresses ensure an extra long service life. Thanks to the special soldering and hardening process that was developed by road construction and mining experts in Germany, and in which the tillage tools are only tempered after soldering, the body retains its full hardness. This process ensures that the GRANIT ENDURANCE CARBIDE range is permanently able to withstand the heaviest loads, offers long-term dimensional stability and ensures a consistently good working pattern with a constant working width.


The new GRANIT ENDURANCE CARBIDE duck foot shares also boast all of these advantages. The shares for shallow cultivation have a flat wedge angle. However, their characteristic shape means that the underside of the body which supports the hard metal plates is also subject to particular stress. For this reason, our new duck foot shares are reinforced on the underside. A triangular hard metal plate is also set into the tip of the body, as this design has proven to be particularly robust in tests.


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