New service for your business: robotic mower installation

From experience: how to help your customers achieve lush greenery


It’s now impossible to imagine gardens and trade without robotic mowers. Our tips will help you to advise your customers and provide installation services. You will now be able to assist your customers with both expert sales advice and on-site robotic mower installation. With your professional help, these handy tools are guaranteed not to end up in your customers' flower beds or garden ponds.

Preparation is key


Get an overview of the area to be mowed. Use a sketch of the garden or carry out a walk-through together with the customer. This will help you plan how limiting cables will be laid around lawn perimeters and obstacles. An absolute must: the lawn should be mowed manually just before installation. Stones and branches, as well as toys and garden furniture must also be removed.

Proper protection is half the battle


To ensure that your customers can enjoy their new robotic mower for a long time to come, the charging station should ideally be placed under an additional cover. The new GRANIT robotic mower cover provides sufficient space and protects against the weather and UV rays. Mowers must be protected against frost throughout autumn and winter. You can provide your customers with a helpful storage solution if they are short of space. The perfect tool for the job: the space-saving robotic mower rack.


Our tip: correct storage and care will extend the life of robotic mowers. Save your customers the time-consuming task of cleaning sensitive devices with the TWA 170 automatic parts cleaner from rapid. One wash and the robotic mower will be as good as new.


1. Choosing the right place for the charging station


An open area at the edge of the lawn near a power supply connection is ideal. Narrow points should be avoided. An additional guide cable can help the robotic mower find the charging station. Important: the charging station should only anchored after the limiting cable has been laid.

2. Set limits


Run the limiting cable once around the lawn from the charging station.


  • Maintain a sufficient distance from the edges. Around 10 cm is sufficient for paths and patios, and around 30 cm for flower beds to avoid cutting other plants.
  • Under no circumstances should the limiting cable intersect. If this happens, the robotic mower will simply run over it.
  • To avoid non-impact-resistant obstacles such as flower beds or ponds, lay the limiting cable at a suitable distance around the obstacle. Then run it back to the outer edge as closely as possible to the cable leading to the obstacle. Cables lying parallel to each other will simply be run over.
  • Laying a limiting cable underground is easy with a laying machine. Laying machines cut a joint into the lawn at the right depth. You will find both the right drilling blades and our GRANIT limiting cables in the GRANIT webshop. Simply select the cable with the features you want (classic and premium versions available).
  • Once the limiting cable has been laid, connect it to the charging station using contact clamps.

3. Setup


Once the charging station is connected to the power supply, the robotic mower can be positioned and programmed according to the customer's wishes. Settings include mowing times, cutting height and anti-theft protection.

Detecting faults Even when installed correctly, robotic mowers can encounter problems. These are often caused by underground limiting cable faults. Damage caused by animals, for example, cannot be detected above ground. With the help of a cable detector from GRANIT, you can easily locate and selectively repair underground cables and possible faults. This not only makes repairs much faster, it also leaves hardly any traces. So why not support your customers with their robotic mower installation. The GRANIT Garden and Forestry range features an extensive selection of products for just this purpose.


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