Oil testing


How your hydraulic system performs is largely related to the condition of the fluids used. It is important to us to improve the economy and efficiency of your systems and we would like to draw your attention to this when operating hydraulic systems.


Depending on the components used, different purity classes of hydraulic oil are required. We would be happy to support you in increasing the efficiency of your systems with the help of a cleanliness measurement at your site and the associated assessment of whether the correct cleanliness class is available.


With the help of external partners we can offer you additional oil analysis. In this way, not only the cleanliness class is determined, but also the type and material of contamination particles. This allows conclusions to be drawn about sources of faults or defects.


Another important point in the handling of hydraulic oil is filtration and cooling. You can also count on our support in these areas. In close coordination with the AKG Group, Jetschke Hydraulik GmbH offers you a wide portfolio of different coolers, including special coolers for special requirements.