The handy oil finder tool

Find the right oil in seconds


Do you often have different machines from different manufacturers in your workshop? It's easy to get mixed up when changing oil, but with our oil finder tool you can now find the right oil for every application within seconds. Find the right oil for agricultural vehicles (from classic tractors to the latest models), and for a wide range of construction machinery and material handling equipment in just a few steps.


The GRANIT oil finder can now be used to find oil for almost 6000 types of agricultural machinery from a total of 87 manufacturers, more than 12,500 construction machines, and forklifts from 187 manufacturers. We offer a comprehensive overview of the market, no matter which machine rolls into your workshop.


The right oil is always within reach:


1. Log into the webshop and select the oil finder under the Special Search tab in the main navigation bar. First select the vehicle category.



2. Then select the manufacturer and the correct model. After selecting the machine type, the GRANIT oil finder will show you suitable engine, transmission, hydraulic and multipurpose oils.



3. Click on the oil you want to order and enter the required quantity directly.



More than just oil


The GRANIT oil finder will not only help you find the right oil in a matter of seconds, but also offers a wealth of information about all aspects of the oil change process. This means that you will always have access to the correct filling quantities, plus the oil testing and change intervals without time-consuming research on the internet or in manuals.


Put the GRANIT oil finder to the test now and find the right oil for more than a million applications!

We are here for you!



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