How to keep things running smoothly - Laser-assisted concentricity testing will help in the event of a warranty claim

The size of modern tractors and construction machinery continues to grow. The wheels on these machines have also continued to grow in recent decades. However, what has numerous advantages in the field or on the construction site can be dangerous if installed incorrectly. The risk of swinging up at higher speeds is also a problem with larger wheels, and can even lead to complete loss of control of the vehicle. To make it easier to fit tyres and to reduce the risk for your customers, suitable HAWEKA diagnostic equipment for your workshop is now available in the GRANIT webshop.


HAWEKA specialises in equipment for smooth-running vehicles from passenger cars to agricultural and earthmoving machinery, and is recommended by popular agricultural machinery manufacturers. Because without corresponding test protocols, potential product liabilities are no longer recognised in the event of a warranty claim. So save yourself and your customers a great deal of hassle, and carry out a routine concentricity test every time you fit a tyre. With this test protocol, you and your customers will always be on the safe side.

The RPV 1300 concentricity testing device from HAWEKA analyses the concentricity of a wheel using the latest laser-assisted technology, but is still easy to operate. The diagnostic device uses two lasers to analyse the sources of defects on the wheel, and determines the best position for the tyre on the rim to ensure optimum concentricity. The lasers record the values while the wheel is turning, and the corresponding software automatically evaluates the data. This allows potential vertical or lateral runout - which can cause the wheel to swing up - to be accurately located.

The computer software features graphics that are easy to understand, clearly shows all measured values, and provides step-by-step guidance through the concentricity test. With the help of the software, you can carry out a vertical and lateral runout measurement. The result will either be linear or in accordance with the first harmonic. To optimise the wheel, it shows a match suggestion that you can use to twist the tyre on the rim. After optimisation, the concentricity testing device from HAWEKA carries out a control measurement. This means that fittings tyres will always be child's play, even with large machines in your workshop.

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