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The extreme periods of drought seen in recent years have shown that water is an extremely valuable global resource. Drought during the summer months means that fields in particular suffer, and farmers' yields are regularly lower. Finding different irrigation solutions to save harvests is currently an extremely important topic in the agriculture sector, which is why we have significantly expanded the GRANIT irrigation range. We are pleased to offer various systems which - depending on the area of application, terrain, crop type and level of investment - will mean that your customers always have the right solution. From efficient drip irrigation systems for permanent crops to popular area-wide irrigation technology for fields, you can support your customers in this important but consultation-intensive area.



We have recently added control systems from Italian manufacturer Elcos to our irrigation technology range. These systems can be used to easily monitor and control irrigation pumps, regardless of whether the irrigation system is driven by an old tractor or whether monitoring via the Elcos app is required.


All Elcos control systems can be used to adjust sprinkler systems on an individual basis. They also ensure that the motors operating the pumps and sprinklers automatically shut down in the event of a fault or defect. This will allow your customers to prevent major damage and enjoy more efficient irrigation by saving fuel.


The CIM-137 control unit is Elcos’ premium model. Mobile control via the app is possible with this unit, allowing your customers to monitor and adjust the fuel level, cooling water temperature, motor speed and water pressure of several irrigation systems at any time and from any location. If an error occurs, users are immediately informed via a push notification. Smaller control solutions that can be connected to any motor are also available in the GRANIT webshop. The CEM-380 monitors irrigation systems as efficiently as the premium solution, but without connection to the app. The CTR-087/0S even allows your customers to manually control the engines of older tractors, and to thereby upgrade their existing irrigation solution.


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