Developed and produced in Germany, the GRANIT ENDURANCE CARBIDE range features a selection of fantastic tillage tools. In recent months we have significantly expanded the range (which initially consisted of share and cultivator points) to include low-wear points, chisel shares and forestry mulcher tools. The quality of these tillage tools has been rigorously tested in the field. Our product benchmark report illustrates just how high the quality of our cultivator points is. Check out the expanded GRANIT ENDURANCE CARBIDE range now and see for yourself!


The hard metal plates are soldered on via a special inductive soldering process. As part of this process, an electrical current is directed into the body and the hard metal plates to be soldered via a specially developed coil. The target temperature is up to 800°C. Once the hard metal plates have been soldered on, our tool is brought back up to temperature and hardened. The melting points of the body, soldering material and hard metal must be observed in order to create an optimum connection between the materials. This requires years of experience (from the mining industry for example) plus high-quality raw materials, which only a few aftermarket suppliers use today. This tempering process after the hard metal plates have been soldered on ensures maximum body hardness (46 HRC). Thanks to this complex process, GRANIT ENDURANCE CARBIDE products are superior to virtually all other aftermarket products. Additional welds (which can have a negative impact on tool geometry) are not required with GRANIT ENDURANCE CARBIDE products as the body has a high level of wear resistance.


Additional hard metal plates are embedded in areas of the body exposed to particularly high stresses. The triangular shape of the lower hard metal plates means that they are both solid and firmly anchored in the structure of the body. To ensure minimal wear, we chose to include large hard metal plates on the upper side of our tools. This significantly increases their service life.


A durable soldered connection between the hard metal plates and the body (which also compensates for impacts from stones without causing damage) ensures that the hard metal plates are held perfectly in the body of the GRANIT ENDURANCE CARBIDE tools. The composition of the soldering material is crucial here. If the connection is too hard, the hard metal plates may chip when subjected to impact loads. On the other hand, a connection that is too soft often won’t be able to withstand continuous abrasive loads.


We have optimised the shape of our tools to ensure optimum performance when exposed to wear. Particularly affected areas are specially reinforced. Our tools’ design ensures long-term dimensional stability, and therefore a consistently good working pattern with a constant working depth.


Forestry mulchers are traditionally used for maintaining forest trails, creating logging trails and recultivating entire areas. Due to the drought seen in recent years and the resulting damage caused by severe beetle infestations (especially in conifers), forestry mulching is becoming increasingly important as a means of clearing infested wood.

Our GRANIT forestry mulcher tools are made in Germany and are characterised by the highest level of quality. The use of a forged body with sturdy hard metal plates results in an extremely long service life. The special hard metal types and geometries ensure a perfect result. When developing our tools, we set great store by an optimum relationship between toughness and wear resistance. Both our hard metal plates and our steel bodies are made of premium materials, thereby ensuring a high level of efficiency. The innovative design ensures better shredding capabilities, and the tested accuracy of fit means that you are guaranteed to always get the right product for your machine.


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