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The harvest is in full swing and temperatures are rising noticeably in many areas. The hot summers seen in recent years have shown that air conditioning is essential for work in agriculture. To keep your customers cool during the harvest season, and to enable them to work undisturbed despite the heat and dust, GRANIT offers a wide range of air conditioning technology for agricultural, forestry and construction machinery.

GRANIT air conditioning systems for rapid cooling


Air conditioning systems not only maintain a pleasant temperature in the cab, they also ensure effortless compensation for the changing outside temperature. You will be well equipped with the models available in the GRANIT webshop. For example, our own-brand model is a roof-mounted air conditioning system with a powerful integrated motor compressor that is powered by the vehicle battery and is easy to install.

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Powerful compressors


In addition to complete air conditioning systems, GRANIT also offers air conditioning compressors. These are the heart of every air conditioning system and ensure that the refrigerant is compressed. At GRANIT, we stock compressors from well-known manufacturers such as Sanden, Denso and Mahle, as well as our own top-quality GRANIT brand. Use the practical search filters to filter by brand, nominal voltage, refrigerant, oil type and other criteria, and find the right compressors quickly.

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Replacement parts & accessories

GRANIT also offers replacement parts for air conditioning technology including condensers, evaporators, expansion valves and much more. In addition to our high-quality GRANIT products, we can also supply parts from HELLA, WAECO, HERTH+BUSS and many more. In the ‘Application list for replacement parts for air conditioning systems’ section in the webshop, you can search by manufacturer to quickly and easily find the right air conditioning parts for the tractor in question. We can also supply suitable accessories such as liquid tanks that can be used as expansion tanks and storage tanks for the refrigerant. Moisture and impurities that have entered the refrigerant circuit are bound with the help of filter dryers (also available from GRANIT).


Ensure that you are well prepared for the heat, and check out our comprehensive air conditioning technology range in the webshop now!


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Fast air conditioning diagnostics in the field with GRANIT


Modern agricultural machines are all equipped with air conditioning systems to make working on hot days bearable. However, if the air conditioning system fails, quick and meaningful troubleshooting by the service technician on site is required so that work doesn’t have to be interrupted for longer than necessary.


Three factors in particular play an important role in error analysis: pressure, temperature and state of matter.


With the diagnostic sight glass from CGS, we offer a tool for determining the state of matter and visually inspecting the liquid air conditioning gas and compressor oil that is easy to use and delivers quick results. The CGS diagnostic sight glass is connected to the running air conditioning system and liquid refrigerant with oil is taken at the service connection on the high-pressure side. Initial conclusions about the condition of the air conditioning system can be drawn based on the incoming medium. If there is no liquid air conditioning gas flowing in (or only a very small amount), this is an indication that the air conditioning system is underfilled or completely drained.

Measurement with the diagnostic sight glass from CGS can be performed in about 5 minutes, and the results can be used to estimate the necessary work and resources, and provide customers with a realistic cost estimate.

Examples of fault analysis using the CGS diagnostic sight glass:

• Pure and liquid refrigerant: The air conditioning system is well filled (right)

• Yellowish refrigerant: Contrast medium is present in the air conditioning system (left)

• Black oil: The air conditioning system may have compressor damage and must be flushed (centre)


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Air conditioning servicing - WAECO WiFi kit simplifies programming and documentation


Summer is the most popular time of year for air conditioning servicing, and your workshop has doubtless seen its fair share of tractor AC service requests. The WiFi kit from air conditioning expert Dometic WAECO makes this workshop service much easier and much more efficient. This intelligent module allows the German manufacturer's air conditioning service units to be programmed conveniently from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The WiFi kit can also be used to easily manage service data.

As the name suggests, the new WAECO ASC G WiFi kit is compatible with all WAECO air conditioning service stations from the popular ASC G series, and is easy to retrofit via the USB port on the ASC air conditioning unit’s display. You can then have service reports sent to your digital device, or send tasks to the air conditioning service unit from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

The compact device is connected via an existing WLAN connection (client mode) or a self-established WLAN network (access mode). The resulting wireless service network is suitable for universal use as the ASC G WiFi kit works with all internet-enabled devices including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It generates an interactive website accessible via all major browsers such as Chrome or Firefox so that you can easily access the data you need.


Data can be transferred in both directions. This enables the air conditioning service unit to be programmed conveniently, and simplifies service data management on the digital device. You can access saved service reports, retrieve the current sensor status, or view the service unit system data. The new WiFi kit also allows you to conveniently send tasks to your WAECO air conditioning service station from your mobile device.


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