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Everyone knows the problem in the everyday workshop: Bolts, nuts or other ferrous components simply cannot be loosened due to corrosion or bonding. Even rust remover and the like are no help in case of hardship. The solution in many workshops? Reaching for the burner. Heating makes it easier to loosen parts, and it is also a popular tool for straightening vehicle and add-on parts. But beware, especially in the workshop, where there are often highly flammable liquids or gases in the vicinity, there is a risk of fire!


With the induction heaters from GYS, GRANIT offers you a better and, above all, safer alternative. Ferrous metals can be heated quickly and precisely with the induction heaters from the French manufacturer. The straightening of car body and vehicle parts as well as preheating for welding or heating for brazing are also possible without any problems.

But what are the advantages of induction technology, compared to the conventional burner? Induction is an electromagnetic process in which a strong alternating magnetic field is generated. This sets the atoms in conductive materials in motion. The resulting friction in turn generates heat. In this way, metals that can be heated with a high degree of precision can be heated without damaging surrounding plastic and rubber parts or sensitive electronics.


How fast a component can be heated in order to be able to process it depends on the one hand on the material thickness as well as the application and on the other hand on the power of the induction heating device used. As one of the leading manufacturers of welding technology, GYS offers you a wide range of induction heaters with a power spectrum from 1.2 to 22 kW. Starting with the heating of a thin sheet of metal up to a massive lower link, they thus cover numerous fields of application.

With GRANIT and GYS you can easily find the right induction heater for your workshop.


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