Help your customers prepare for their next sowing operation with wearing parts from GRANIT. Whether it’s parts for cultivators, tillers or ploughs, you’ll always find the right products in the GRANIT webshop. The rotor tillers used in viticulture, fruit and vegetable cultivation, and grain production create a characteristically fine seedbed in almost all conditions. Our product management team recommends GRANIT tiller blades suitable for a wide range of manufacturers and machines.


The highly stressed tiller blades are one of the most common tillage wearing parts. During milling, the blades are exposed to numerous impacts and a high level of wear at high speeds. To ensure that the GRANIT tiller blades are able to withstand these stresses, we rely on the highest production quality for our products. A key feature of these parts is the special wear protection alloy made of chromium carbide.


The coating consists of a chromium base and tungsten carbide particles, and is applied to the GRANIT tiller blades at extremely high temperatures in a controlled atmosphere. This creates a strong bond between the alloy and the body, and is the reason why GRANIT tiller blades boast maximum durability and toughness. This process virtually eliminates complete or partial detachment of the coating as a result of contact with stones.


The chromium carbide alloy is also characterised by its compactness and homogeneous surface. The average hardness is approximately 600 HV with a carbide hardness between 2500 and 3000 HV. This coating not only significantly extends the service life of the GRANIT tiller blades, but its compactness helps to maintain the blades’ cutting ability. This is essential for a consistently good work result.


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