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In use in the field or on the construction site, all machinery must run continuously and without any problems. However, sudden technical defects cannot always be prevented. But work interruptions due to a lack of diesel or AdBlue® can always be avoided. The solution: Mobile tanks from GRANIT! We offer a wide range of mobile diesel and AdBlue® tanks with a total capacity of up to 1,000 litres. These can be transported, filled, to the job site and supply tractors, harvesters, construction equipment and other machinery with the necessary fuel or AdBlue®. This means that your customers will no longer lose time, unnecessarily, on the way to the next filling station or have to carry numerous canisters with them.

The mobile tanks are equipped with forklift slots for practical loading. Due to the special shape of the tank on the top, they are easy and safe to attach to the loading area with lashing straps. Depending on the design, the tanks are equipped with 12 V or 24 V pumps and can be operated either by the machine to be refuelled or by a separate vehicle battery. In this way, your customer's van, pick-up, flatbed truck or trailer will become a mobile filling station in the future.


Since most modern diesel engines already have AdBlue® exhaust gas aftertreatment, we recommend that your customers use the GRANIT combination transport tanks, which have a separate AdBlue® tank in addition to the diesel tank. Thus, there is no need to carry an additional canister or tank. You can find the mobile tanks, as well as matching accessories, under the search term "Carrytank" in the GRANIT Webshop.

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