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In the field, forest or garden, quad bikes and ATVs are popular modes of off-road transport for those needing to get somewhere quickly. Depending on the terrain, these machines have to withstand a great deal, so you and your customers should always rely on the right replacement parts and accessories. With the high-quality products from the GRANIT garden and forestry range, you can support your customers right from the first consultation.


Choosing the right batteries for quad bikes is key. Compared with conventional wet cell batteries, the AGM batteries from GRANIT offer numerous advantages. AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. The electrolyte in these batteries is bound in a special glass fleece, meaning that they are leak-proof and gas-tight. These batteries are powerful and boast excellent cold start properties. They are also maintenance-free and never need to be refilled.

However, it’s their extremely high capacity that makes the AGM batteries from GRANIT ideal for quad bikes. They can cope with inclines and are up to 20 times less sensitive to vibrations than wet cell batteries, which is just what’s needed for off-road use. These batteries are also much more resistant to extremes of temperature, meaning that they can be used all year round. If that doesn't convince your customers to try our AGM batteries, the much longer service life and easy handling definitely will.


Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with the AGM batteries from GRANIT. Discover the entire range for quad bikes and ATVs in our webshop now.

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