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Spring is arriving and the demand for products for grazing, as well as wildlife deterrence, is increasing in equal measure. At GRANIT you can rely on a comprehensive range of products in the field of animal husbandry, as well as wildlife rescue. In this way, you can easily supply your customers from a single source.

Herd safety guaranteed


With GRANIT pasture fencing equipment, your customers receive reliable technology that has been manufactured and tested in accordance with the applicable EU directives and safety standards. The devices, which are produced in Germany, are particularly robust, UV and oil-resistant and splash-proof, so they can withstand a great deal. All GRANIT electric fences are suitable for heavy vegetation and all types of animals. The function display with a power output of over 2,000 volts guarantees the safety of the herd. 


With the N200 and N300 models, we offer you two models with fence exits of different strengths. The stronger fence exit is used mainly for large pastures with a maximum fence length without vegetation of up to 35 kilometers. The smaller one, on the other hand, is ideal for paddocks or smaller pastures with a maximum fence length without vegetation of up to 20 kilometres. With the 6 displays on these models, checking the fence voltage is quite easy. The GRANIT K200 combination unit is equally suitable for 12 V or 230 V. The device also has a battery monitoring display.


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Wildlife rescue made easy


For the fawn rescue, which takes place in spring with the first grass cut, we also offer you a suitable device. The GRANIT wildlife saver is characterized by low power consumption and easy handling, which minimizes the time required to rescue fawns. Powered by four standard 1.5 V batteries, the device has a runtime of about six months in interval mode.


Installed early, it uses loud signal tones and a flashing blue light to ensure that the game is kept away from the endangered areas and thus prevents the fawns from laying down. The blue light also keeps other game, such as wild boar or predators, away. In the interval mode, the does are given a period of time in which they can lead their fawns out of the meadows. The GRANIT Wildlife Saver emits sound over an area of about one hectare. The signal tone is emitted in one direction only, making the device ideal for use at the edge of the forest or near built-up areas.


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