Brand quality is important to us.

GRANIT is a registered trademark. The traits we associate with our company name are high resilience, consistency and, above all, reliability. Our mission is to be the preferred partner of specialist retailers because we combine quality with attractive prices and are always working on further expanding our technical and commercial expertise. That is why specialist shops and repair shops can continually expect new and improved offers from us. Thus, the GRANIT brand serves as the foundation for long-term collaborative relationships based on trust, competence and reliability.


Success always involves teamwork

Our employees constitute the primary success factor. The very personal and friendly way they treat one another, the absolute will to work together for shared achievement, and the resulting high level of identifi cation of our staff with the company are elements characteristic of GRANIT and the Fricke Group overall, which have a direct impact on the work atmosphere and thereby on interaction with customers.


Enjoyment of our work is what makes the difference.

Those who do business with us tend to return because they are treated in a friendly, fair and competent manner. Apart from technical and commercial expertise, it is the enthusiasm we bring to our profession and the enjoyment of our work that distinguish us from others. We don’t do things halfway. We say what we think and then turn our words into actual deeds.


Entrepreneurial freedom as a familyowned company.


Over the course of many generations, we have learnt not to chase every new trend, but rather to seek our own path to economic success. The international business press has identifi ed the “German Mittelstand“(SME’s) as the number one success factor of the German economy. As do most of our customers, we consider ourselves part of this group.


To us, time plays a special role.

Our specifi c approach to the subject of time is also important to us. That applies to our daily work, for delivery time constitutes an essential criterion for our customers. At the same time, the factor of time is part of our business model. There is a huge difference between having “shareholder value” and “return on investment” issued every 3 or even 12 months, and business success, which although also determined by annual results is interpreted in terms of customer satisfaction and the gradual achievement of long-term objectives. We want to be judged by these criteria.


Even when we turn a hundred years old, we will remain young.

In the year 2023 we will celebrate our centennial anniversary. Naturally, we intend to demonstrate to you just how dynamic the Fricke Group is even beyond that milestone. This brochure illustrates that in terms of GRANIT PARTS. Our objective is corporate growth and the associated continuous enhancement of customer satisfaction and it will continue to remain our motivation in the future.