GRANIT BLACK EDITION DynamicPro Service Technic workshop trol

242 pcs.

Part no.: 11302429

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DynamicPro workshop trolley (11096295), including laptop holder (11052026) and 7 high-quality insert sets for 6 drawers, equipped with professional tools from the GRANIT BLACK EDITION range.
7303000: 1/1 insert set, 1/2" and 1/4" socket wrenches, 95 pcs.
7303002: 1/1 insert set, spanners, 28 pcs.
7303003: 1/1 insert set, screwdrivers, 36 pcs.
7303005: 1/1 insert set, hammers, files and accessories, 26 pcs.
7303006: 1/1 insert set, pliers, 10 pcs.
7303015: 1/2 insert set, 3/8" socket wrenches, 32 pcs.
7303017: 1/2 insert set, ratchet ring spanners, 15 pcs.
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Laptop not included
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