GRANIT Service Centre - Specialist repairs in the shortest time!

Our Service Centre offers technical services and information to ensure that customer workshops are fully supported, even when faced with particularly difficult challenges. We are a one-stop shop for repairs covering everything from diesel technology and electrics plus hydraulics. Our speed is a big advantage.


Customers can rely on our specialists’ experience with Bosch services and in specialised workshops, and on the efficiency of our state-of-the-art testing and processing equipment. This means that workshops can offer their customers first-class service and an attractive alternative to installing new components and equipment.

Our services - We can help with difficult repairs!

GRANIT diesel service


  • Latest test equipment for servicing and repairing injection pumps
  • Testing and repair of injection nozzles, injection pumps and injectors
  • Special test equipment for common rail components
  • Testing and repair of Denoxtronic modules (SCR)
  • Production of fuel and injection lines
  • Repairs and adjustments in the shortest time
  • Troubleshooting support
  • Test equipment rental on request
  • Low-cost repaired and tested injection pumps and injectors

GRANIT hydraulics service


Hydraulic drives have been on the rise for years - and not without reason. Hydraulics are a real alternative to mechanical gearboxes thanks to their separate design and minimal wear (among other things). The GRANIT Service Centre offers various inspection and repair services:


  • Axial piston pumps and hydrostatic drives from Bosch Rexroth, Brueninghaus Hydromatik, Linde, Parker, Sauer Danfoss, Bondioli & Pavesi, Kawasaki, Eaton, Vickers and others on request
  • Control units (mechanical and electrical control)
  • Additional control units (with mechanical, electrical and CAN bus control (Bosch Rexroth only))
  • Steering control units from ZF, Danfoss, Char-Lynn, Rexroth
  • Hydraulic cylinders, steering cylinders (sealing, production of new piston rods)
  • Testing and filling of diaphragm accumulators

GRANIT hydraulic hose service


If GRANIT's comprehensive range of replacement parts (which fills countless catalogue pages) isn’t sufficient, our Service Centre specialists can produce made-to-measure parts. The size, length and configuration of the components are not an issue.


Production of original MANULI hydraulic hoses

  • Hydraulic hose and press fittings from a single quality-tested system
  • Connections and hose length can be selected freely
  • Hydraulic hoses according to DIN/EN standards 1SN, 2SN,1SC, 2SC, 4SP, 4SH, R4, R15 up to nominal size DN 51

GRANIT electrics service


Central tasks include testing and repair of starters and alternators.

As a certified Bosch electrical service provider, the GRANIT workshop team will repair everything from classic cars to the latest tractors and harvesters. Our colleagues’ experience, as well as the necessary diagnostic and test equipment, guarantee an excellent service in the following areas:

  • Testing and reconditioning of armatures
  • Conversion of starters
  • Testing of windings, rectifiers, stators, rotors and controllers

GRANIT PTO shaft service


Assembly of PTO shafts according to customer requirements

  • Assembly of PTO shafts using equipment from Walterscheid
  • PTO shafts from other notable manufacturers can also be processed
  • Testing and adjustment of overload clutches of all types, including report

GRANIT radiator service


Repairs to radiators of all types

  • Testing and repair of all radiators - from classic tractors to modern construction machinery
  • Testing and repair of condensers and evaporators in air conditioning systems
  • Production of radiators and similar components from scratch
  • Repair of radiators made of aluminium and radiators with plastic water tanks

GRANIT clutch service


The GRANIT Service Centre clutch service department is responsible for repairing dry vehicle clutches and clutch plates of all types.

Whether it’s a single, double or multi-plate clutch in need of repair, the GRANIT service team will take care of everything. This service is particularly worthwhile for old tractors and machines for which there is no longer a new parts market.

Reinforced clutches and special designs available.

GRANIT engine service


The Service Centre’s engine workshop can test and repair a wide variety of engines and their components.


  • Machining of valve seats and pressure testing of cylinder heads
  • Testing and grinding of crankshafts
  • Straightening and alignment of connecting rods
  • Repair of turbochargers


Repair of complete engines

GRANIT metalworking service


  • Customer-specific machining of sprockets and V-belt pulleys from the GRANIT range, including keyseating
  • Custom-made bushes, shafts and other components made of special materials
  • Completion of small production runs according to customer requirements

GRANIT brakes service


The GRANIT brakes service is extremely varied and popular among customers. Services include:

  • Reconditioning of brake shoes (bonded and riveted linings)
  • Repair and sealing of brake cylinders
  • Production of brake cables


Production of brake cables according to sample also possible

GRANIT front axle service


 Testing and repair of:


  • Front axle components such as axle housings
  • Axle shafts, refurbishment of sealing surfaces by spraying and turning
  • Production of special components such as oversized axle bolts

GRANIT drive shaft service


  • Drive shaft repair
  • Balancing of drive shafts
  • Replacement of connectors and slides

GRANIT tractormeter service


 Testing and repair of:


  • Mechanical tractormeters
  • Replacement of visible parts on request (during restoration)
  • Production of tractormeter shafts

GRANIT water pump service


 Testing and repair of:


  • Water pumps of all kinds
  • Conversion to modern maintenance-free bearings and sealing is also possible for old water pumps

GRANIT turbocharger service


 Testing and repair of:


  • Unregulated turbochargers
  • Exchange turbochargers supplied

GRANIT Electronics Service

Testing and repair of various components

    • Electronic and mechanical system diagnostics possible
    • Repair/replacement of mechanical and electronic components
    • Testing of electronic and mechanical functions
    • Testing and repair of EHC control units
    • Electronic component replacement



  • Display replacement
  • Touchscreen replacement
  • Backlighting repair
  • SD/USB/memory card slot repair
  • Display no longer starts up



  • Membrane keyboard replacement
  • Screen replacement
  • Display replacement
  • Touchscreen replacement
  • Terminal repair



  • Speedometer, rev counter, temperature and fuel gauge repair
  • Display replacement
  • Screen replacement
  • Function repair



  • Joystick button repair
  • Malfunction repair
  • Membrane keyboard replacement


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