GRANIT Angled blade

Left, coated

Part no.: 1802800108

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Description of the advantages of chrome carbide coatings

For the coating of our Granit parts a special
wear protection alloy is used. The base material used is an alloy
composed of a high percentage of chromium to which
tungsten carbide particles are added.

The coating process is carried out under extremely high temperatures in a controlled atmosphere.
The almost perfect cohesion of the coating with the base body ensures maximum resistance and toughness.

The applied coating is characterised by its compactness and its particularly homogeneous surface.
The average hardness is about 600 HV with a carbide hardness between 2500 and 3000 HV.

The coating process used ensures excellent anchoring of the coating to the base body.
Complete or partial detachment of the coating is virtually impossible, even as a result of impacts caused by stones in the ground.

The applied coating not only extends the service life of the tool, but also ensures high dimensional stability as a result of the low wear, which is essential for consistently good work results.
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