Hose package MB Grip 25 AK


Part no.: 500523403

Further information

Hose length (m):
230 A CO2
200 A mixed gas M 21 according to DIN EN 439
Duty cycle:
60 %
Wire Ø (mm):
0,8 - 1,2
2,33 kg
Industry & workshop (p. 354)
To be found in category:
Industry & workshopWelding technologyWelding equipmentHose sets MB Grip 25 AK
• Ergonomic, short handle with GRIP – for optimum accessibility
• GRIP, soft components in grip region and thumb support ensure secure grip even in extreme situations
• Short ball joint with optimum movement radius – ideal handling
• Optimum torch cooling – long service life
• Bikox® R with air-cooled torches – high flexibility even at low temperatures, highly UV-resistant, significantly increased temperature and tear resistance
• Time-saving torch change thanks to the ABICOR BINZEL central plug and bush system
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