GRANIT Trailer test kit

12 V / 24 V, 7-pin. / 13-pin / 15-pin

Part no.: 5070010118

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With LED display and remote control. Wireless transmission, approval type: CE tested. Complies with Directive 2014/53/EU. DIN/ISO: 11446
10,89 kg
Electrics (p. 1036)
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ElectricsMeasuring/test equipment & toolsTowing vehicle/trailer testersGRANIT trailer test kit 12/24 V
The GRANIT professional trailer test kit can be used by a single person to check the trailer lighting function and whether the trailer socket is in use. It replaces and simulates either the towing vehicle or the trailer. The user can simulate individual vehicle lighting signals on the remote control, or control all the lights on the trailer.

The sockets in the case allow 7-, 13- and 15-pin plugs to be connected. The adaptor/transmitter included can also be plugged into both socket types on the towing vehicle. Information is transferred wirelessly between the adaptor/transmitter and test case. The power supplied by the battery in the case means that a vehicle is not required to test the trailer. The battery is charged via a power supply unit (included).

• Wireless one-person operation, resulting in enormous time savings
• The vehicle and trailer can be tested independently of each other

case, power supply unit, transmitter, remote control
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