GRANIT Test lead set

94-piece assortment case

Part no.: 50795980778

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94 pcs.
2,83 kg
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Electrics (p. 1080)
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ElectricsConnection technologyPlug/socket testersTest lead set
TesTip is a set of different test lead adaptors that enables simplified troubleshooting and reliable signal tapping through direct contact with electrical vehicle components.

The 94-piece set contains the most common contact sizes. The set also includes polarity testers that can be used to test Hall sensors and photosensors, and to determine plus- or mass-controlled injectors. Measuring potentiometers that can be used to check temperature sensors, fuel sensors and throttle position sensors are also included. The measuring resistors included allow airbag circuits to be checked. All individual parts can be reordered.
GRANIT replacement parts are not intended to be sold as OEM parts. OEM part numbers are provided for reference purposes only. All prices are in €, excl. VAT. Errors reserved. Delivery subject to availability.