GRANIT LED marten and cat deterrent

12/24 V, with sound and LED intervals

Part no.: 50796002

Further information

Nominal voltage (V):
12 / 24
Frequency (Hz):
12000 - 23000
Volume (dB):
Protection class:
132 g
Electrics (p. 1021)
To be found in category:
ElectricsProtection/monitoring/coolingMarten protectionLED marten and cat deterrent
The LED marten and cat deterrent device generates an acoustic signal with a frequency of 12-23 kHz at intervals of 15 seconds (15 seconds on and 15 seconds off), plus a flashing light lasting 4 seconds every 26 seconds. Martens and cats find this ultra-high frequency and flashing light annoying and unpleasant, so they avoid the vehicle in question.

• Effective and permanent protection against martens and cats
• Approx. 85 dB sound pressure
• 12 - 23 kHz frequency at intervals
• Bright, dazzling LED light
• Protection class: IP 65
• For 12 V and 24 V DC
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