Blitz Portable tyre inflation gauge Pneustar2

Part no.: 6102518

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Technical data:
Pressure gauge: Ø 160 mm
Tank capacity: 6 l
Tank pressure max.: 16 bar
Deviation according to EEC / 86 / 217 bar
Compressed air supply min./max.: 10 bar
Max. inflation pressure: 10 bar
Hose length: 0.8 m
Dimensions: 200 x 270 x 670 mm
With petrol station connector 0 - 10 bar (0 - 140 psi)
6,10 kg
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Industry & workshopCompressed airBlitz compressors and accessoriesHandheld tyre inflation gaugePneustar2, portable, calibrated
Product characteristics: tyre pressure regulator with reservoir, overpressure safe up to 16 bar, 6 l, 800 mm filling hose, double-sided filling station connector, pressure-assisted control buttons, overpressure safe precision pressure gauge ø 160 mm, incl. automatic filling device, consisting of filling bell and filling valve, calibrated. Slanted precision pressure gauge (ø 160 mm): provides optimal water flow and mirror-clear readability.
Compressed air reservoir: the mobile compressed air supply, galvanised, with 6 l filling volume.
Removable safety screen: serviceability is very important - to reduce maintenance costs.
Large distance between filling bell and pressure gauge: protects the precision pressure gauge when lifting the tyre pressure regulator off the filling device.
Ergonomic rubber handle: the handy, skin-friendly material ensures that the tyre pressure regulator is comfortable to use.
800 mm long filling hose: in conjunction with the standard double-sided filling station connector, even inaccessible valves can be easily reached - hands are always kept clean.
Weight-optimised construction: by using light aluminium alloys and impact-resistant plastics, the total weight is reduced to a minimum.
Overpressure safe up to 16 bar: integrated protection mechanisms prevent damage to the pressure gauge in the event of accidental pressure supply.
Automatic refill device: the refill device, consisting of filling bell and filling valve (counterpart), is simultaneously used to store the tyre pressure regulator.
Two-button operation: the easy to meter, waterproof and dustproof control buttons are used for charging and discharging.
PTB approval: all BLITZ tyre pressure regulators are approved by the German National Metrology Institute (PTB) at Braunschweig.
Elastomer legs: the damping material property serves to protect the pressure gauge during rough handling.
Low centre of gravity: the intelligent design ensures particularly high stability.
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