New EU standard for PTO shafts

EN 12965 now ensures an even higher level of safety - what changes can you expect?


PTO shafts power various implements for agricultural and forestry work. PTO shafts and guards sold in the European Union are covered by standard EN 12965, which ensures user safety. In order to further increase safety, the EU Commission has decided to amend this standard (which came into force at the start of 2021).


The connecting yokes on primary PTO shafts with a production date of 2021 or later must not have a sliding pin or exposed springs. This will significantly reduce the risk of something becoming tangled in the PTO shaft. Sliding pins concealed by the cast part are still permitted. Also excluded are all PTO shafts with tool-operated locks.


In addition, manufacturers are now obligated to carry out a special winding test on their models. The amendments to standard EN 12965 only affect main drives, i.e. PTO shafts between a tractor or self-propelled machine and the first fixed bearing on the driven machine.

What do specialist dealers and workshops need to bear in mind?


PTO shafts with a production date prior to 2021 and tested in accordance with the old EN 12965 standard may continue to be sold by dealers and installed in workshops. You can therefore continue to replace defective PTO shafts with quick-disconnect or flange yokes with the same models. However, all PTO shafts manufactured from 2021 onwards must comply with the new EN 12965 standard. Be sure to check the production date before installation or resale.


All PTO shafts from GRANIT comply with the applicable guidelines. As a wholesaler, we are also permitted to sell PTO shafts manufactured before 2021 and according to the old standard. But rest assured, any PTO shaft you purchase from us that is manufactured from 2021 onwards will comply with the new EN 12965 standard.

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