Top quality - the trademark of all GRANIT products. To make sure it stays that way, our products regularly undergo comprehensive quality tests in our own quality management department and with the support of external testing institutes. When compared with a six other products, the GRANIT Endurance Cut saw chains came out with top marks. A selection of results from our product benchmark report can be found here:



Material composition, hardening and chromium layer thickness

Selecting the right materials is crucial to ensuring the functionality and durability of saw chains. The finishing - which takes the form of hardening and application of a chromium layer - determines the performance and quality of a saw chain. The GRANIT Endurance Cut saw chains are made of a high-quality, alloyed stainless steel which is also used by the original equipment manufacturer. The high chromium content of 11% and the excellent saw tooth hardening have a positive effect on the saw chain service life. Our saw chains have the second thickest chromium layer (20 µm) out of the products compared. This is particularly important as the chromium layer influences the wear resistance of the saw teeth. The thicker the layer, the more resistant they are to wear. This test revealed major quality differences between the individual manufacturers. In contrast, the GRANIT products boast a consistently high level of quality.
Deflection and breaking force The deflection provides information about the manufacturing quality. When comparing the measurements on each side, a small difference in deflection values is ideal. If the deflection of a saw chain differs greatly from one side to the other, this is a sign of poor-quality riveting. Chains with this type of riveting can break after prolonged use as the tensile forces act at different levels on each side. The guide bar is also subjected to high levels of wear with poor-quality riveting of this kind. The chains from GRANIT and the original equipment manufacturer boast the best riveting with a difference of just 2 mm between sides. With a difference of up to 17 mm, the manufacturing quality of the products from other manufacturers is significantly impaired. The breaking force provides information about the durability of the chain in the event of sudden overloading, for example in the event that the saw chain jams. The higher the breaking force, the better. With a breaking force of 8.3 kN, the GRANIT Endurance Cut saw chains are among the top performers. The excellent results in the deflection and breaking load tests show that GRANIT saw chains are able to withstand very high breaking loads even after prolonged use. We’re convinced! Are you? Then check out the high-quality GRANIT Endurance Cut saw chains in our webshop now.


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