We continue to grow - So that GRANIT can offer the largest selection

We are constantly expanding our comprehensive GRANIT PARTS range for our dealers. Because we want your customers to get everything they need from you.


For this reason, we work with numerous manufacturers worldwide. These business relationships have often existed for many years. This provides us with the perfect basis to further expand our business for you.


We observe and keep up with global market developments on a daily basis. We can therefore react quickly and directly to changes, and open up new future markets. GRANIT’s focus is always on the ability to deliver quickly.


The expansion of our own GRANIT PARTS brand is also of great importance to us. We have developed a brand exclusively for specialist dealers and workshops that combines our high quality standards with attractive prices. Even the planning and development of our new products are subject to extensive quality controls. This is how we ensure that our GRANIT own brand delivers on our quality guarantee.